Microsoft has confirmed that new microsoft surface products will come at the end of this year


According to the comments made by Microsoft executives during the conference call of the financial third quarter results of the company on Thursday, the new surface hardware will reach soon. Microsoft said that its ground business has increased 32 percent year-on-year annually, and the company expects that this number will increase even in the financial quarter starting July 1 due to an updated surface hardware portfolio.

Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood said, “We expect high revenue growth in adolescents because we continue to transition into the latest products in our portfolio.” He said that the company has seen better than expected performance from its latest Surface Book.

Microsoft experienced tremendous growth in the Board in its fiscal third quarter, its Azure branded cloud platform led the pack with 93 percent annual growth. With the rise of Azure 65 percent, Dynamics is 365, 42 percent of the development with office 365 commercial, and 37 percent LinkedIn with growth. Microsoft’s entire gaming division has grown 18 percent annually, while its X box software and services have grown 24 percent.

“Our results in this quarter believe that people and organizations are keeping in the Microsoft Cloud,” Nadella said in a press release. “We are innovating in key development categories of infrastructure, AI, productivity and business applications to provide different value to customers.”

According to Microsoft, the LinkedIn Sessions increased by 30 percent in the third financial quarter, from which revenue increased 37 percent in fiscal year 2017 compared to the same quarter. Meanwhile, the membership of the office 365 in the mainstream market reached 30.6 million, increased by 12 percent, the office 365 increased 42 percent in the commercial sector revenue, thereby increasing the total commercial products and cloud services revenue by 14 percent annually.

In the next several months the signal about new grounding hardware should not be surprised. Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference starts on May 7, 2018, and can work as a launch platform for new surface devices. Microsoft is due to refresh its Surface Studio, Surface Laptop, Surface Book, and Surface Pro Hardware. It is believed that any type of first surface is notepad or surface phone.

Other interesting tidbits pulled from conference calls involves an increase of 4 percent in Windows OEM revenue and an increase in search revenue of 16 percent. This enterprise services revenue has increased by eight percent, while its server products and cloud services have increased by 20 percent. Overall, its Intelligent Cloud Revenues recorded a fall of $ 7.9 billion.